Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, September 28, 2015

Election Update #11 - Sept 18-28

People think that this eternal election campaign was some devious scheme by Stephen Harper to spend more money than his opponents.  But no.  They're wrong.  It was a devious scheme by Stephen Harper to bore the shit out of us so that we forget to vote.  I'm soooooooooooo bored of all this crap.  Maybe the debate tonight will change my mind?

I doubt it.

The Cons announced a massive donation to fight cancer...if they win the election...and implied support from the Terry Fox Foundation.  Once again, not Steve's fault.  He blames the Terry Fox Foundation for getting things wrong.

Diane Watts doesn't necessarily agree with the language contained in her own advertising, potentially.  Okay?

Jesus.  These guys need to just give the fuck up on their niqab ban.  How many millions are we spending pursuing this just so the Cons can appear anti-Muslim to voters?  And if the citizenship ceremony is so sacred...why are they doing things like this?

An NDP campaign sign has been defaced with...ummm...some pretty vulgar anti-muslim bullshit.  Congrats, Steve.

How did Joe Oliver get his job?  We're all wrong.  There's been no recession.

Canada now a net exporter of terrible environmental performance.  Barrick Gold just poisoned the shit out of a South American river.

Ottawa area Conservative candidates are not participating in debates.  Which is fine.  I mean, we don't really need to hear them say horrible things in public, do we?

The drug company that makes one drug and has pulled in $6 Billion in profits for it is suing the Canadian Government over their attempts to lower the price.

Some handy little ties between the Cons and KPMG, even during their tax fraud probe.

So Trudeau wants nothing do do with the F-35.  It's a shitshow over at Canada Politics.  So many defense experts!

There seems to be some documentation showing that Exxon knew about the causes of global warming back in the 70's.  Didn't we all though?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Election Update #10 - Sept 9-17

I kind of forgot how much election time sucks.  You've got all these politics tourists drifting in, super concerned about stuff after not giving a shit for years.  And you've got all these bozos tripping all over themselves to hand things out.  Does flying around the country making promises actually have an effect?  I'm sick of it.  I can't wait for this to be over.

This might be the final court loss for Steve.  Their idiotic niqab ban has been overturned.

8.7 Billion was left unspent by government last year.  Man.  It's easy to balance a budget when you don't do anything.

Rick Hillier thinks Canada can bring in 50,000 refugees.  Romeo Dallaire thinks that plan sucks.  Figures we can handle 90,000.

More truth about refugees.  41st in per capita acceptance of refugees...not first.

Now Syria is a "Terrorist War Zone".  Fuck that sounds scary.  Also, with followers like these..."How many kids drowned in pools in Canada this past summer? Do you blame the government for that?" is what a Conservative heckler said to journalists trying to ask qeustions.

Now "proper security screening" is preventing us from being the white knights of the international community.  Because all of the terrorists are planning on dropping flights full of refugees out of the sky.

Steve spouts nonsense in his Peter Mansbridge interview.  And...somehow suggests there's too many refugees to worry about doing anything about it?

The Atlantic counters the Atlantic counter to the New York Times article.

I assumed this was somebody making some kind of political commentary about Stephen Harper...but no...his own campaign is slapping "24 Hour Surveillance" decals on his campaign signs.  It's just insanely funny that nobody saw any problems with this.

Some background on the Australian dickface that the Cons have hired.  He sounds terrible.  Probably just as in touch with Canada as his bosses.

This was a story a few months ago, but now there are some actual details, and confirmation, that the Cons swapped gun legislation favours to gun nuts if they'd keep quiet about C-51.

"Is the Conservative Party buying likes on Facebook?"  I'm thinking "Yes".

This is funny.  I actually noticed the pages and pages of useless tweets when I tweeted at Cheryl Gallant that she sucks over her climate change denying infomercial.

Peter Kent has always been an idiot.  And this is why I would be horrified if my parents were on Twitter.  Why do Conservatives so quickly jump on these "check out these scary muslims!" tweet bandwagons?

Canadian troops have arrived at the proxy war in the Ukraine.

It would be delicious irony if the "Expats can't vote" enforcement inspired reams of expats to vote.  Some have found a loophole to do just that.  Show up in your old riding with proof of address and you're good to go.

Trudeau pointed out that some rich people use "small businesses" as tax loopholes.  I don't have a problem with that.

The CRA is accusing KPMG of creating a tax fraud scheme.

I feel like Steve has his opinion backwards. "Anything but Conservative 'absolute disaster' for Canada: Harper"

Jesus.  These ads are getting weird.  "Stephen Harper isn't perfect, but when it comes to the economy, we can depend on him."  What a stupid lady.  Is she not watching the news?

What the fuck?  Rupert Murdoch just bought National Geographic?

This is pretty great.  The White House produced a video highlighting all of Dick Cheney's lies.  As others pointed out though, it would have been better if they arrested him.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Election Round-up #9 - Sept 4-8

One of the guys behind Shit Harper Did was arrested at a campaign stop in Surrey for wearing a T-shirt.  It's pretty fucked up when government security teams are removing people and arresting them for improper political messaging.  Another article details the shitstorm surrounding Harper that day.

Steve continues to pound into us that military response is the only option.  Mulcair's response to this?  "No, fuck you!"

Anti-immigrant mailouts come back to haunt the Conservatives.  And why do all of these have to come laced with so much logical fallacy?

The Conservatives are really starting to parse their language and statistics.  And getting it wrong.  No, we aren't the largest per capita receiver of immigrants.  And "resettled refugees" is just a technicality.

Jason Kenney was presented with facts.  Chose to respond with outrage.  Jason, it does appear that we did actually let more temporary foreign workers than immigrants.  He also explored not taking in any refugees with health problems, but didn't because figured the optics would be bad.  Good thinking.

The mug urination incident is just so bizarre.  The dude is no longer a Conservative candidate so I can now feel a bit sorry for him.  It sounds like he was just trying not to pee his pants in a customers house.  Could have done a better job cleaning the mug though.

Another bad revelation for the Conservatives.  At times, the independent Senate refused to bend to their will and it made them very angry.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Election Round-up #8 - Sept 1-3

The Syrian refugee crisis has been a disaster for a while, but the images of a tiny child washed up on the shores has been enough to galvanize some kind of support.  Unfortunately, it gets worse and worse for Canada:

The young boy had ties to Canada, and a local MP had approached Chris Alexander to plead their case. Update - It's still a little bit unclear on exactly what happened here.

Of course, Chris Alexander has been ignoring refugees in Syria for quite some time now.  And he is further embarrassing himself.  Please watch the video in that link.  Oh wait.  More embarrassment.  This is probably part of the reason Conservatives grant less than 5% of interview requests.

And just to counter what we're doing vs. what other countries are doing.  Germany is planning on taking on 800,000 refugees.  To our 2300 so far.

Jesus Christ.  Worse and worse:
The boys' father, Abdullah Kurdi, also said today Canadian officials offered him citizenship after seeing what happened, but he has declined. But Citizenship and Immigration Canada released a statement Thursday afternoon saying "Canada did not offer citizenship to Mr Abdullah Kurdi."

Macleans figures we can do a lot more.

The amazing thing is that the Conservatives seem to be touting their "taking it to ISIS" as some kind of justification for doing nothing about refugees.  US documents reveal that we killed up to 27 civilians with our airstrikes.  And we aren't taking it very seriously.  So we're screwing that part up too.

Where is Joe Oliver?  You'd think the Finance Minister would be front and center in talking about financial policy and reaction to the announcement of a Recession.

Oh Laureen...you're off message!

Macleans dismantles the mineral exploration tax credit and all the benefits it supposedly provides.

Steve has been cleaning up anti-Conservative Instagram comments.

A former DFO employee did an analysis and determined that enforcement and charges have dried up in recent years.  There's nobody on the ground to protect our waterways.

A great article about sports stadium construction shakedowns, using Calgary as an example.  It's amazing that these buffoons waited for the oil price collapse to announce their intentions.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Election Round-up #7 - Aug 25-31

My comment was going to be "hopefully we respond better than the US government to killing Iraqi civilians."  But seeing as it happened in January and we covered it up until now, that isn't likely.  And Jason Kenney claims nobody told him about it (but they did tell Rob Nicholson).

I don't remember this story.  But it's reared it's head again.  First off, Leona Aglukkaq approved a plan for Shell that allows them 21 days to cap any leaks in their underwater drilling systems.  Worry not though, it still needs final approval...from a board with an ex-Shell member on the panel.

Where did all the props for the background come?  A crane.  Dozens of people in matching high viz vests and hardhats.  Probably a dancing bear.  Justin Trudeau announces infrastructure spending based deficits.

Manufacturing is not recovering with the decline of the loonie.  It's weird that massive factories don't spring up immediately as the dollar drops.

The Duffy trial moves in to semantics.  What exactly did PMO aide Chris Woodcock mean when he said they had to "force" Mike Duffy into accepting their repayment scheme?  I'm starting to feel like the Duffman is going to skate on all of this.

A PMO staffer was seen talking to a witness at the Duffy trial.  Purely innocent conversation though, the Conservatives tell us.

Some more details have emerged about the Saudi Arms Deal.  It only happened if Canada promised to not say anything about it.

Fracking caused an earthquake in Northern BC.  How dare you question this magical technology though.

Fly at it, you fucking imbecile.  Scott Walker thinks the US should build a wall between itself and Canada.  Also wonders why everybody was so down on the Maginot Line.

You'd think Patrick Brazeau would just be happy that nobody has arrested him lately.  But no.  He's speaking out.  Against Harper, mind you.

When you have to rely on Chilean ships for your Navy to function, it feels like it is hard to claim that you're great at supporting your military.

It's hard to fault somebody like Elon Musk for his success.  But Stephen Colbert hosting CEO's on his talk show?  On one hand it's great to celebrate people for not just being good at acting.  On the other, this feels like it could be a giant CEO ego inflation used to push for even higher CEO salaries.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Election Round-up #6 - Aug 21-24

It feels like we're pretty close to a knockout blow in the Duffy trial, but we're never quite there.  And nobody seems to care.

Steve's lawyer at the time (or whatever), Benjamin Perrin, testified that he thought Steve had okayed the Duffy payment.  Because that's what Nigel Wright said.  And why would he lie about it?

He also says that Ray Novak was in the room when this was discussed, but somehow Steve says he didn't have anything to do with it.  Or it wasn't his fault.  Or something.

Also key is that Benjamin Perrin gave advice to the Prime Minister that Duffy was not a resident of PEI and did not qualify to sit as a Senator.  But of course, that was ignored and we get Steve just making up rules to suit his purposes.

Kory Teneycke is a dick.  Vice details how Harper is limiting questions from journalists to 5 per event, and 4 of those come from journalists who pay the Cons for the privilege of riding around on their campaign bus.

A Conservative candidate sent out pamphlets - funded by taxpayers - in which he attributes opinions to the Liberal candidate that actually belong to a former Liberal candidate with the same first name.

If you break the law in Canada, Steve thinks you should go to jail for a long period of time.  Unless you are breaking a law that Steve doesn't agree with.  Then you're a patriot and deserve an unrequested pardon.  The story behind the pardoning of 10 grain smuggling farmers.

Oh please, please, please, please, please!  Rob Ford says Doug Ford will run for the Conservative leadership if Steve steps down.  Not quite Donald Trump, but close.

Don Meredith gets worse.  He took a delegation to the Caribbean...and it included his own business partner.

Some Conservative candidates who were campaigning in hospitals got kicked out.  That does seem a bit strange.

Steve used some Boy Scouts as props.  Scouts Canada didn't like that.

I haven't read the Margaret Atwood column yet.  But don't wake the beast.  Edit - Now I have.  Very nice.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Election Round-up #5 - Aug 18-20

Even if you want to, don't do this.  You'll get fined.

Duffygate gets crazy.  Can we please petition the Cons to bring back Nigel Wright to the team?  This man is about the least sympathetic human in the world.

This is a pretty funny take on the whole thing.  Poor Steve.  Everybody has lied to him and taken advantage of him.

Harper's current chief of staff appears to be right in the middle of everything, even though Steve claims he isn't.  I love that the defense is "well...he didn't actually read those e-mails that he received from his boss about those things that they were urgently talking about".

The Old Duff worked pretty hard to put some PEI folksyisms into his announcement that he was paying back his expenses.

Steven Harper sez "Your thing that wasted millions of taxpayers dollars is way different than my thing that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars."  Some will say that this is only about $90,000.  But with all the labour, trials and audits that have occurred to account for that smallish sum of money, I don't feel that is accurate.

More pot announcements.  Mulcair would decriminalize.  Trudeau would look at overturning marijuana convictions.  Steve would get really angry.

A Conservative riding executive is accusing a Con MP (the same dipshit who beat a drunk driving charge) of hacking employee e-mails and a Conservative party cover-up?  Because of a joke about the MP's wife sent via e-mail.

A veterans group has put their money where their mouths are, actively campaigning against Harper.  The Tyee rounds up Veterans issues.

Conservatives are getting unruly about these pesky journalists asking questions that they don't approve of.

Shit.  I may as well quit.  This NYT piece sums everything up so I don't have to.  And an Atlantic article about the New York Times article.  I'm going to write an article about the Atlantic article about the New York Times article.  Oh boy.  This sucker is just wrong.

Steve indicates that he intends to remain "tough on crime".

Over $4 Million for a monument that nobody wants and really just seems to be a way to stick it to the memory of Trudeau Sr.

Wow.  The National Post has a pro Ruth Ellen Brosseau article.

I don't think I've seen the whole ad yet, but I caught the back end of it, and I agree that the "I am ready" Justin Trudeau ad is a pretty good response.

This is a bit strange. While true, many feel that "Son of a Holocaust survivor" maybe doesn't belong on a campaign poster.

"Administering maternity and parental leave for self-employed workers through the employment insurance system cost taxpayers double the value of the benefits actually paid out, according to a briefing book prepared for Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre."  Good thing math doesn't exist in his world.